Witnessing the history:

Who is this New Virus (COVID-19, 2019 Coronavirus)?

Some of us are in panic and but we all have common sense of fear of death. While we are facing the fourth horse of apocalypse the circumstances are different than in the past. We are more organized to follow precautions, social distance -thanks to twitter- and technology helps early detection and critical medical care to severe patients. Scientists are working to develop the drugs and vaccine that will prevent the devastating course around the world and long term consequences.

How our immune system fight with virus?

Why children have milder disease?

Inevitable evolution

We can say that this virus is evolutionary inevitable. Cholera virus caused four pandemics in the past, Spanish flu killed 100 million people within 20 years in 1900s. Our ancestors already fought with previous pandemics like black death (plague), Spanish flu and cholera. We are the children of survivors- that is an evolutionary advantage for all of us.


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