When the Fear Hits, Anxiety Floats and All Becomes You

Photo by krakenimages.com on Unsplash

One of our main skills of humans is to create. How can we pursue this in the era of pandemic with losses, fears, anxiety?

We are all going through a pandemic that bring a lot of restriction. We are not hugging each other, not visiting friends as often. Children are not playing together. Children who need extra care to catch up with their needs and development may not be getting enough support. We are all shrinking for stimulus wise.

I read a great article in Medium by Nick Wignall (4 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do). It mentions rather than listening to your worries, feelings; just move. In summary, do not spend your time on worrying, but invest your energy in doing. And then rest.

When we make a plan, it will disrupt our discomfort, creates a little chaos in our life. Plan demands sticking to it, making adjustments in advance. And mind prefers to be in safe rather than being happy. So you will seek your comfort zone. You can even regret of choice of doing.

Looking at the big picture, think of 5 years from now on. Do you think you are investing in yourself and other lives? Or destructing moments, lives? Go ahead and CHOOSE another doing if you your answer is negative. Choose not to pass to the bridge of negative emotions. Even you are in the bridge, choose to go back. Remember life will challenge you with its tricks until you really appreciate and be grateful. Life is also choosing you, so it has the right to teach you!