When people did not like you

One of your can be to be an angel here and share the best of yourself with others. Have you ever thought that this can be a mechanism of yourself to control others opinion about you by impressing how they think of you.

It feels secure when people behave you well, willing to share and make you feel comfortable. But this is not the reality all the time. Most of them will not share the same goals, intentions towards you. You will find yourself betrayed as you are being so good but they are not.

What if there is another way to look at this? Maybe life is just telling you be more independent of what others` think of you? You are not the most fun person for sure but you are the most special for you and one can control how special you can become for others.

So think about it one more time, when you meet people who don`t like you. Maybe it is your time to bond with yourself more rather than trying to get their attention or care.

Photo by Chitto Cancio on Unsplash


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