Should we Try to Go back to Old Times

Old days like when you are a child

Playing, jumping, dancing

Not even feeling the hunger,

Resisting the urge to pee

Old days like when you are a student

Reading books, solving questions

Without questioning

Keeping in memory what else offered

Old days like you are the daughter

Carrying the responsibilities

Of a future woman

Trying to find a mate

Old days like you are an employee

At a place where you don`t wanna be

Working to survive

While you want to get to know yourself

Old days like you visit people

Talk to them, listen to them

Persuade them

As it will change their look at you

We can not go back to these day

Even they made us unconsciously happy

Evolution prevents us

To live a twin moment

What if there is another way

Like creating your scene

Breathing in and out between

The moments when it is only You who listen

Learner of healthy mind. Lifelong child.