When I was working at the adolescent clinic, one day Dr Katrina (I made up this name, actually her name is shiny and she is a guru in her field) showed me a book related with hypnotherapy. Until that time all I have known about hypnosis was a stage, watching a clock thing hypnosis. In the book there were short stories like La Fontaine tales using metaphors for the right coding of your brain in a particular situation. It did not make any sense to you right now. No worries. I will try to explain.

Assume that you have a fear of having an MRI, stucked in a closed place. You read the story before going to MRI. It kinds of direct your emotions, the way of your thinking in a way how it supposed to be: free from anxiety, simple. This is kind of a neurolinguistic programming. During that time what happens is you will start self healing. Using the story, you enter in a dimension in your universe free of your traumas, bad thoughts. This phenomenon is similar to ‘flow’. Dr Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who introduced ‘flow’ to positive psychology, describes the flow as a pure attention in what you are doing. Once you get into the flow of moment, you will be protected from any noises and fill your potential.

Actually children uses self hypnosis a lot. Guess how, daydreaming.

Play some during the day. Watch the people, animals, tress around you and then yourself.

Can you discover the flow?



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İrem Eldem

İrem Eldem

Learner of healthy mind. Lifelong child.