Photo by Aidana Khabdesh on Unsplash

Do you find yourself in these situations:

  1. Defensiveness: You try to defend yourself when people ask you a question for confirmation
  2. Convince: You try to draw an image of yours in minds cleaning up weakness with your high intelligence story writing
  3. Behavioral inhibition: You avoid situations of conflict and not to speak up due to other`s opinion about you.
  4. Choose your battle: Your battle is superior than others`. Everything is about your survival.

The list can go long. It is ok for perfectionist. The only thing is you will never achieve your goal and lose your intimacy and naturalism at the sake of your perfectionism. Does it worth?

There is another way:

Defense>Defend your own ego. You were born and die like all others. Let`s make unique of you a vulnerable product to earth. Aim to be great in your job and ethical in yourself. Ok not to be perfect.

Convince> Aware your weakness and seek opportunities to blade your knife.

Behavioral inhibition> Speak up if it really matters. Join a team share a purpose with you.

Choose battle>Be an advocate about a public health problem.

Summary: Focus on yourself but not the image of you.

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