Listen to Your Intuition

(In and Out of Medicine)

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Every day we listen to different stories from ourselves and others within a spectrum of reality. Storytelling matters in medicine, because it connects you with the patients, families; catalyzes healing, reassures patients.

As part of the cure is initiated with the relationship between you and the patient, one of my goals is to use this relationship, to learn more about the patients` healing systems. It may not be always the medical therapy that you offer, but can be fulfilling their routine wishes: I want to eat crispy fried fish and chocolate for the lunch:)

A good relationship is a living, dynamic energy transfer. It has its up and downs, but in trust and intimacy, have boundaries, listen, and disagree. Both parts have their existence, without superiority.

I met a mother whose baby was sick a couple of months ago. From the team, I got the impression that she was not a fan of our therapy. One day, after some hesitation I found myself at the bedside with her. Initially I was the doctor who was sharing the updates with the mother. But 5 minutes later we were in a conversation about science, philosophy, just life. One of the thing she asked me was:

“Do you believe in yourself, are you confident enough?”

Well, tricky question, the more you learn, the more you feel illiterate. You recognize how much you still don’t know. This pushes you to learn more but also predisposes to a phenomenon called Imposter syndrome. You doubt yourself, feel like you don’t deserve where you are. Or you don’t fulfill the requirements enough. Everybody does it perfectly and you are not.

While she triggered my mind wandering, I was also wondering how I can be a part of the healing for this mom, who is not even allowed to touch her baby, not able to look directly at my eyes…But after 15 minutes, we got into the flow, lost in space and time, exchanging ideas.

What parts of the story given by the patient was true?

How can I use this story to help healing?

What should be my tone?

Did I really get this right?

I believe some of these will resolve by time and with subconscious learning. But there must be a way of actively owning my learning as medical student Samuel Suresh says in his Youtube channel.

The search and wish to reverse the imperfections of mind will follow its path. It may sound obsessive but there must be a way to create a eutopic mind in a child. Like in the book of Howard Gardner, “ The Unschooled Mind”. That gave me more insight into how I can build my eutopic mind. He describes the goal of education to create an integrated mind. This is it:

Ethical mind: use your mind not to harm

Creative mind: use the theory for art of what you are doing

Disciplinary mind: history, science and philosophy

It is a good start for adults, forever learning seekers… I will finish here with the song by Jewel.

Follow your heart, your intuition,

It will lead you in the right direction!

To be continued…

Learner of healthy mind. Lifelong child.

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İrem Eldem

İrem Eldem

Learner of healthy mind. Lifelong child.

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