Keeping simple today

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I did hear stories with full of disease

Observed the growth of child

Transformation to adulthood

Gathering new skills

With self confidence

Feeling the responsibilities of the family

This is not a day event

Takes months, years to realize the progress

It is like being on the road

Realizing that all arrive somewhere at the end of the road\

Places matter where you live

Some of us have the gratitude naturally

Some of us work on it minute by minute

Life happens when you listen others

Similar to yours

With one difference you don’t observe your life as much as others.

I can say joy comes when you touch human

Interact human

Serve for others

Share what you can

Ride a bike with kids

Listen hours and hours the endless sun and smell of the trees

Birds in their nest

Welcome you

All I miss

All I want to turn back here



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