Crying for a mouse

Photo by Ricky Kharawala on Unsplash

Lets think for a moment that we are trying to help kids, want to make the world better place for them. You can help numbers of kids by being a mother, father, doctor, teacher, babysitter. Many ways, right. Another way to look at things, you can go beyond your generation and do Research. To explain what you understand from the nature and give it back for a cure. This sounds mind breaking. Until we saw the mouse in the lab. She was bred for the purpose of experiment. This is how scientists develop therapies. This is a matter of fact. Until we saw the mouse in the lab. We kept them in the cage for three days and fed. Practiced how to hold the mouse. After a while a warning appeared:

Anthropomorphism is attributing human characteristics to nonhumans — animals, or inanimate objects.

It sounds ok. We can love our pets.

What if the mouse dies next day and you need to keep going with the experiments to save the lives.

It is better to cry this time until I figure out a mask to wear on the face.


Learner of healthy mind. Lifelong child.

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İrem Eldem

İrem Eldem

Learner of healthy mind. Lifelong child.

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