Overwhelmed to earn money

Spending your time on others

Giving away from you

For others to save their time

With a hope to reach your dreams

Than you will come to a point

Where you have no drive

To ask for the other to talk

Gradually will be drawn to rumination

Learning to share you with you

Share yourself with yourself

People around judging you

Abusing more and more

Until you are not able to see

Your wrinkles of face on the mirror

Stop here

How far you can change others` life

Why are you willing to change

The things so much

It is enough if you just do not harm

Work hard work hard

Lost yourself

But look! Somebody really loves you

Guess who?

Clue: it is not somebody

Have you ever come to a point

That you can stop listening your mind

And focus, focus

That is the question

Learner of healthy mind. Lifelong child.