Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Flat position over a desk

Feet face the wall

Tied with a thread

Thinner than your hair

The body is covered under a drape

Who knows where the soul is

Who knows whose body it is

Resting breathless, motionless, cold

Once upon a time filled with emotions

Endless swings of life events

Chasing loves and seeking the next step

Who knows the cause of death

Homicide, suicide, disaster or a natural cause

Seriously gone, end of existence

Its infinity only

Harbors the mind

Clings on to one thousand universe



When do you love me again,

Since I drove back from the desert

Dragged myself into this city

Soaked under the rain

Would you love me again

Since I have met you

Separated from my sins

Escaping from the abyss

Longing to be

Lovable again

Would you love me again

In the light of your shine

At the tiniest secret of the world

In the smell of your cigar

Mixed with your odor

your hair worn under the hat

Reminds me one thing

Puppet hangs down the stage

Moving her hands

Swimming in the air

And only longing for one thing

I am so stupid

and contagious

in this world of fame

hall of game

blaming no one

is crushing to my soul

One idea crosses me

Would you love me again



We colored the walls of this room with purple and orange

The wall shelf full of my toys

I put the sparkling powder with lavender oil

There is also a window that I can look behind

This is not mine, this is not me

I am looking through the window

Watching the snow sweeping the dust

Shining with the sun rays

Pouring from the attics of the buildings

The birds are nesting over the tree

Kids are ice skating on the frozen lake

Is it my time to leave

What if I can be peaceful again

Right at this moment

This is me, it is so good to be me

What if this is enough

Finally if this is enough

Can I leave now mom and dad?